The Company

EV Loader company develops the first open to all chargers network in Greece and Southeastern Europe and provides charging station management software to companies such as hotels and stores. All our chargers are visible  through the map of the EV Loader application but also through other applications. The members of our network earn direct income from the charge of visitors and at the same time promote their business throught the maps. Except for the software our company provides different models of chargers and installation services by licensed electricians throughout Greece.
Company Info :

Company Name: Parity Platform P.C

VAT Number: 997031706

TAX Office: Amarousiou

Parity Platform office: Grammou 52, Marousi

G.E.M.I: 147300701000

+30 210 805 3290

Our software

Our Company created one of the first applications that helps EV users to find a station ,schedule and start charging. EV Loader app is available in Google Play and App Store.

Our chargers

We set up this e-shop to provide our clients the highest quality EV chargers, that are also compatible with our EV Loader software.

Our videos

We create special videos to share our experience about electric cars and show our followers all the new stations installed in the EV Loader network.

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