Documents. The charger purchase contract consists of the following documents:

  1. Order Formulation. The order configuration describes the type and cost of the charger that the customer has ordered.
  2. Sales Invoice/Shipping Note. The sales invoice / delivery note is provided to the customer on the date of dispatch of the charger by the company. Indicates the final price, VAT and shipping costs.
  3. Terms and conditions. These Terms & Conditions take effect on the date the customer finalizes the order (the “Order Date”).

Charger purchase contract. The customer agrees to the supply of a charging station for electric vehicles from Parity Platform PC. (“We” “us” or “us”), subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Purchase price. The purchase price of the charger is indicated on the sales invoice / shipping slip. Any deposit paid by the customer before paying the invoice is deducted from the final amount payable.

Delivery. The customer’s order will be sent by courier company to the address indicated by the customer. Parity Platform PC under this contract does not undertake the installation of the charger at the customer’s premises.

Order Cancellation / Return. The customer reserves the right to return the charging station within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt unilaterally and without any justification. The station must be returned to its original condition, with its packaging and all its components (RFID cards, instructions for use and installation, support accessories) In this case the customer will be refunded the purchase amount (including possible deposit) minus the shipping costs as indicated on the sales invoice / shipping slip. The costs of uninstalling and sending the charger upon its return to the Company are borne by the customer.

Warranty. The chargers are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty which covers hardware and manufacturing failures in accordance with the terms set by the manufacturer and lasts for 2 years from the date of delivery of the charger to the customer.

Company obligations. After sending the charger, the company is obliged to act as the customer’s representative to the manufacturer to resolve the charger faults and to comply with the warranty. The customer can report a fault of the charger to the representative of the company specified in Annex 1. In case of a fault of the charger, the company must within 2 working days from the announcement to make a remote diagnosis and take the necessary actions to resolve the fault. If the remote solution is not successful, the company is obliged to send a replacement charger to the customer within 7 working days. The customer must send the charger with fault to the company. Shipping costs for the replacement charger and the receipt of the faulty charger are borne by the company. The replacement charger remains at the customer’s premises until the charger is repaired / replaced with a fault. For the 2 years validity of the Warranty, the costs for all services of diagnosis, solution, replacement and shipping of a charger with material / construction damage are borne by the company. After the end of the warranty but also for damages caused by incorrect installation, incorrect use or damage from natural disasters and network problems within the warranty period, the costs for the above services are borne by the customer.

Customer obligations. The charger installation costs are borne by the customer. The customer is obliged to assign the installation of the charger and any intervention in the electrical panel of his installation to a licensed electrician to whom he will provide and indicate the manufacturer’s instructions (Wallbox installation manual) that have been sent by e-mail from the company and are and in hard copy inside the charger package. The customer is also obliged to ensure that the charger is connected to the necessary safety devices (switch, leakage relay, lightning protection) according to the manufacturer’s instructions (Wallbox installation manual), throughout its operation. After the completion of the installation and before the charger is put into operation, the customer is obliged to instruct the electrician installer who undertook the installation of the charger to prepare and sign a responsible installer declaration (YDE) for the entire electrical installation powered by DEDDIE which also supplies the charger.

Notifications. Any notification or communication provided for in this contract shall be made by e-mail to the addresses specified by each party below in Annex 1. The parties may, by written notice to the contractor, change their address.

Applicable law. This contract, and any dispute that may arise from its execution or interpretation or in any way related to it, will be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts in Athens.


1.1       Company Communication Representative

Name: Christos

Surname: Stefanatos

Position: Partner and Administrator

Phone: +30 6979426101

Email: c.stefanatos@parityplatform.com